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Spanish verb of the day - Bufar

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Bufar - To snort

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What to do with my blog?

Seeing as I'm longer going to be teaching English, this blog is sort of redundant now.

I'm thinking that I might use it to teach you all some Spanish. Maybe I'll do a 'verb and noun of the day' kind of a thing. You can check back daily to see what the words are, and by simply reading them you'll learn some Spanish. If you're going on a Spanish holiday you'll need to get yourself a phrase book, the verbs and nouns I'll give won't be that much use to you at a basic level.

So, starting tomorrow we'll kick off the new content of this blog.


It's all over

So that's that.

My life as a teacher is, hopefully, over. I finished my final classes the week before last and said rather my goodbyes to the colleagues I felt like saying goodbye to.

Since then I've been scratching around trying to find something else to do, with not much success to be honest. I do have an idea for another venture but I need to sit down and think about that seriously. Make a plan. Talk to banks and accountants and all that other terrible stuff.

I am enjoying the time off though, and despite the fact that the weather here has been a bit strange (lots of rain, clouds and storms - although lots of heat) I've been down at the beach and swimming in the sea.

I'll check back in if anything happens.


Template madness

Well, I took a look at my blog this morning and all I got was a pile of strange ASCII characters. Granted they made more sense than I usually do, but I was afraid I'd been hacked it might contain some kind of code used by terrorists or Americans or something. So I changed the template to one of the new blogger ones. I seem to have lost all the comments along the way, so I do apologise for that, but the new blogger comment system should work ok for you.

Only two weeks of teaching left now. The courses are coming to an end and the classes are getting more and more difficult. The kids all know the course is coming to an end, they're distracted, the weather is hot and they'd rather be out playing than in English class.

Tell you the truth, I'd rather be out playing than in English class.

No luck as yet with a job for the summer. I've been scouring the papers and the internet but nothing suitable has cropped up, so it seems likely something unsuitable like bar and restaurant work will be in order until the new school year.

Male escort, you say? Well, stranger things have happen. Firstconditional de Jour. Hmmmmmm.


Time to quit

I think when my current teaching position finishes at the end of this month, I will definitely call it a day when it comes to teaching English.

It's not what I want to do. It's never been a job that excites me or motivates me in any way. Instead, I find myself bored, weighed down with tedium, unwell at the thoughts of having to do another week's work. I could think of a million places I'd rather be than in a classroom full of children.

I fell into this line of work because I couldn't find anything better over here. I have colleagues who genuinely like what they do, and I'm jealous of them. Not for liking teaching, but because they have a job that doesn't give them butterflies in their stomach before each class (even after years of doing it) and because they're doing something they want to do.

I should have a job like that. It's time for me to decide exactly what it is I want to do and then actually do it. Another year of teaching would be the end of me, I think. Not that I'd kill myself or anything, but what's left of my ambition and drive would be battered out of me.

So there's only about 3 weeks of English teaching left. I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel.


Summertime, and the living is ...erm....

Well, there's only about four weeks of work left before the school I'm working in closes it's doors for the summer. Well, that's not entirely true, they run summer intensives like most other schools, but there's really only enough work for a couple of teachers, and as there's well over 10 English teachers that leaves most of us with a big problem.

Quite honestly I don't know what I'm going to do for the summer. There are the usual options of working in a bar or restaurant, but I've got a family and I don't particularly have the energy to work nights all summer long. Plus I hate having to work in the evenings as it is. Waiting all day to go to work, it's a pain in the arse to be honest.

One of the other options over here is labouring. There's so much building going on all over Spain that I'm sure I could find a job as a brickie or something like that. It'd certainly do wonders for my tan, anyway.

To anyone thinking of coming to Spain to teach English, think carefully about whether you want to go through this every summer. You scratch a living as it is. The summer is even worse.


More first conditional fun

Sorry it's been so long since the last update. Life just whizzes by at times, doesn't it?

Last night I was doing the first conditional with a juniors class, and I was regaling them fantastic examples, such as:

"If you don't study, you'll fail the exam."

"If he fails the exam, he'll have to repeat the course."

"If Carlos doesn't stop talking, I'll beat him to death."

Once I'd gone through the construction of the first conditional, making sure they know the 'if' part is always present simple, I asked them to write a couple of examples of their own. Most of them were fairly mundane and to the point.

I then turned to Jesús (student, not Christ Almighty), and asked him to read his. He flattened out his piece of paper, turned to the student beside him and said:

"If you touch my balls again, I'll break your hand."

I didn't ask.